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    Work is a struggle, income isn’t that much to live by but he’s still there everyday. It’s an abnormality to see young kids working like this, but in a society trying to survive it is the norm of everybody working. Breakthroughs have been made but not enough, parents are responsible for this.


    çocukları kaybolmasın diye kendine iple bağlayan  kürt annenin bu halini görüp birlik olamıyosak lanet olsun bize

    This seems to be the Kurdish alphabet before Islam. Looks ancient but yet really ugly in my opinion

    كچه‌ شه‌هیدی جوانه‌مه‌رگ، نیگار حوسه‌ینی پێش شه‌هیدبونی گۆرانی بۆ شه‌هیدان و شه‌هید بون گوت

    Nigar, the young Kurdish girl was martyred, sang a beautiful song about Peshmarga’s

    Nîgar Husseinî from East-Kurdistan martyred near Kerkuk

    Nîgar Husseinî rojhelatî Kurdistan shehîd bû le nizik sharî Kerkuk

    Quick update

    Sorry for my absence but i’ve been sick since my return from Kurdistan (Hawlêr to be specific) and I don’t know if the universe is working against me but i just wont get better.

    I’m on my own again since a week or so, I said goodbye to other contributor(s) because that was the agreement, all of this because of school, their homework and so on. Don’t worry, they are good friends :-)

    And will reply your messages soon i hope, got a lot in my inbox.


    This little angel made a huge impression today for her audition in Hollands Got Talent with her lovely song. I know her for a while, she wrote her own song and you’ll find a bunch of stuff on her Youtube channel. Her name is Naaz, she’s 16 years old and she is from Kurdistan!

    Follow her:

    Twitter || Instagram || Youtube

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