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  • Pray for Gaza

    We as Kurds know the feeling of being in a useless war and under oppression. Our thoughts and prayers goes to the victims and innocent people of Gaza.

    نحن الأكراد نعرف الشعور الحرب وتحت القهر. أفكارنا وصلواتنا تذهب إلى الضحايا والأبرياء في غزة.


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    Gimo Zangana

    (via siyapos)


    Keçê rindê Bêrîtanê
    Şîr û hingiv ji lêvanê
    Te dijmin kire har û dîn!
    Tu evîna tev xortanê..

    Feqîr Ehmed

    Hatred toward kurds

    I mean come on, do you have nothing else to do except sending Kurdish blogs your hate and scold them?

    The funny thing is that ‘you’ people show your true face, your racist behaviour, go ahead send us more and more of your pathetic messages behind your computer in an abandoned cave in Mordor where the amount of intelligence is below zero.

    If you consider yourself as a Muslim, then i assure you that you’re doing it wrong, really really wrong. As i said in one of my earlier messages, our prophet was a lovely man and didn’t offend others. We have to follow his examples and be kind to others, well do you? my inbox says not!

    Go ahead, send more of these messages and make us famous, show the world that you’re a pathetic racist kind. Your fight is not a Jihad, and you will not enter heaven and go to paradise. And no, you will absolutely don’t get 72 virgins. Ok maybe i’ll take back my last words, you’ll get 72 virgins, but of those old Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons  and Lord of the rings fandom male virgins. Good luck there!

    My inbox confirms that we Kurds have absolutely no friends, but the mountains. The independent Kurdish state will come and shine in the Middle East :-)

    Kurdish president asks parliament to prepare for independence vote

    The president of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region asked its parliament on Thursday to plan a referendum on Kurdish independence, signaling his impatience with Baghdad, which is fighting to repel Sunni insurgents and struggling to form a new government.

    The move came despite U.S. pressure for Kurds to stand with Baghdad as Iraq faces an onslaught by Sunni Muslim militants, led by an al Qaeda offshoot, which has seized large parts of the north and west and is threatening to march on the capital.

    Iraq’s 5 million Kurds, who have governed themselves in relative peace since the 1990s, have expanded their territory by as much as 40 percent in recent weeks as the sectarian insurgency has threatened to split the country.

    Kurdish President Massoud Barzani asked lawmakers to form a committee to organize a referendum on independence and pick a date for the vote.


    Congratulations and respect to these two brave young Kurdish women  (both 18) who invented  a new concept to detect bombs and explosions to save peoples life. We need more people like them. 

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