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  • Cejna we piroz be // جه‌ژنتان پیرۆز

    جه‌ژنتان پیرۆز بێ و هه‌موو جه‌ژنێکتان به‌خۆشی

    We wish you a happy and a festive Eid

    عيدكم مبارك وكل عام وانتم بخير

    Cejna remazana piroz li we hemi piroz be



    Jalal Talabani (left) and Mustafa Barzani (right)

    I thought it was “Akraoui, former representatives of the Kurds in Cairo, expelled by Nasser”  on the left??? May I have a confirmation for Talabani on the left, please?

    I asked the admin blogger and according to him he (the left one) does look like Talabani in his early days but his advice was to stick with your description as you described first. My apologies for the change :-)

    (Source: lephenixkurde)

    Pray for Gaza

    We as Kurds know the feeling of being in a useless war and under oppression. Our thoughts and prayers goes to the victims and innocent people of Gaza.

    نحن الأكراد نعرف الشعور الحرب وتحت القهر. أفكارنا وصلواتنا تذهب إلى الضحايا والأبرياء في غزة.


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    Gimo Zangana

    (via siyapos)

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